Object{s} of movement

Motion to Stillness - Series 4

Object{s} of Movement orchestrates a 3D element's poetic dance through fluid simulation in a digital scape. Each balletic motion, frozen in time, morphs into glass-rendered virtual sculptures—a cascade of ‘animation steps’. These sculptures, echoing their predecessors, unfold a seamless narrative of form and motion.

The narrative delves into visual dialectics, exploring the lineage of sequence and meaning. Each sculpture embodies the essence of its precursor, weaving a fluid choreography of form. Rendered in glass, the sculptures blur the real and surreal, inviting contemplation. The medium's clarity juxtaposes reality against illusion, navigating the nuanced dialogue between the tangible and ethereal.

Object{s} of Movement is a silent discourse of choreographed virtual sculptures, engaging spectators in the gentle interplay of form, motion, and meaning, illustrating a serene voyage into design, reality, and narrative discourse within glass-rendered forms.

Print. Awagami Bamboo Washi - 841 x594mm

Object{s} of movement - Choreographic Silence