ERO 01 Copper

Side table - Series 020-N, 020-F

Erosion—nature’s silent storyteller, meticulously carving, wearing, and reshaping with the unwavering hands of time and elements. It’s a tale told by earth, water, and wind, in a language only the discerning can translate.
The ERO collection emerges as a tribute to this elusive dialogue. It doesn’t merely mirror the aesthetics; it embraces the very essence of erosion, translating its organic beauty into a series of tables. Each piece stands not just as an item, but as a nuanced reflection of an age-old narrative, where nature’s tenacity intertwines with the subtleties of contemporary design.

L35 x W35 x H50 cm / L13.7 x W13.7 x H19.6 in. Other size available

Limited edition of 8 + 4 AP, Handmade in France

Coming end of 2023. Kindly reach out to the studio for additional information.
ERO Land of copper