Dynamic Disorder

The dance of dissolution

In “Dynamic Disorder”, the abstract meets the tangible in a visual narrative that delves into the ephemeral nature of form and the enchanting allure of entropy. This artistic endeavor, housed in the realm of 3D animation, begins with a geometric figure embodying a serene order. Yet, as the narrative unfolds, it gently descends into a state of gentle disarray, its structure slightly melting in a choreography of chaos, rendered in a stark, monochromatic palette of flat black and white.

As the animation breathes life into the melting geometry, pivotal moments of this transformation are captured and immortalized into a series of 2D prints. Each print is a narrative pause, allowing for a deeper examination of the evolving disorder that gradually claims the structured form. The series of prints, when viewed in succession, narrate the tale of metamorphosis, providing a tangible chronicle of the geometric figure’s journey from the realm of order towards the embrace of entropy.

“Dynamic Disorder” is a poetic contemplation on the transient nature of form, the beauty of disintegration, and the serene chaos that lies in between.

Print 420 x 594mm – Awagami Washi