Galerie Miran

Galerie Miran

Press Showroom, Paris – dECOi architects

The Miran Galerie is a press showroom to present the new collections of several emergent fashion designers. The program consists of a central showroom space, with a hanging display system and shelving, surrounded by storage with multiple examples of the same fashion items. The press can take away examples of clothing that interest them to photograph or write about. The two functions (display and storage) are therefore distinct but linked, and the design emerged as the deployment of a tesselated surface that would give spatial distinction whilst allowing visual connection. This surface is ‘wrapped’ into floor and ceiling so as to stretch open the spatiality of the gallery, and the buckling and folding of the surface gives character and definition to the space, whilst also negotiating the existing gallery beams, columns, etc and offering structural rigidity to the form.

In 2004 dECOi has been Outstanding Award for the Galerie Miran project and received the FEIDAD Far Eastern International Digital Architectural Design Award


Design Team:

Mark Goulthorpe (Principal), Raphael Crespin, Rosalie Kim, Maruan Halabi, Stylianos Dritsas, Alexandros Tsamis, Lydia Kallipoliti – CNC Machining : Cambium